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Here are the latest instalments from Down the Place and could never see any other. Please follow these links to see everything so far posted.

  • 91/ the breeze was lifting the curtain

    Through the window, the light was fading,
    the breeze was lifting the curtain,
    and in the corner of the room
    a fly settles, and lifts,
    and sinks, and rests,
    before rising.

  • I Can Now See

    The world doesn’t look the same as it used to.
    And what was it I was thinking?
    I can’t think:
    everything coming and going,
    my memory leaving.
    May the next life
    when I am young again,
    be as wonderful as this one.
    And as the women pass,
    they turn.

    I can now see
    how everything came to be
    in the garden at home
    above a blue silvery sky
    the whole of life inside me.
    Up through the light
    I reach the end.

    You love me and I love you
    love is everything
    and everyone.
    In the silence of space
    you will know
    love goes on
    after we are gone.