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Here are the latest instalments from Down the Place and could never see any other. Please follow these links to see everything so far posted.

  • 76/ I remember the moment

    Over the stream the hills rise.
    Milky sunlight reaches into pools of darkness,
    the horizon opens up,
    the track dips past the village shop.
    In the distance the sky is empty of hills.
    The mist is down, covers the church spire.
    Trees have lost their leaves
    and up through the fields, parked cars.
    And into the afternoon
    we walked, through the showers.
    I notice those park benches
    where I met the girls.

    I remember the moment you walked away.
    Now you’re on the street shopping.
    Sunlight on the buildings,
    an aeroplane trail in the heavens.
    She smiles and seems pleased to see me.
    Away go the cars, the lights are changing.

  • I Can Now See

    The world doesn’t look the same as it used to.
    And what was it I was thinking?
    I can’t think:
    everything coming and going,
    my memory leaving.
    May the next life
    when I am young again,
    be as wonderful as this one.
    And as the women pass,
    they turn.

    I can now see
    how everything came to be
    in the garden at home
    above a blue silvery sky
    the whole of life inside me.
    Up through the light
    I reach the end.

    You love me and I love you
    love is everything
    and everyone.
    In the silence of space
    you will know
    love goes on
    after we are gone.