So Listen

The world passes through phases
certain people make changes
like us.
But people can’t see through
What is undone.
Listen to the living voice,
take what I am giving.
Only man has given life meaning.
so listen to your identity,
it’s our only chance of seeing.
Come on to the new horizon,
lose yourself in the forest, wood, tree.
it’s only dying into the new life,
You must believe in what is meant to be.
Look into the sun, sky, sea.
We know what it is we want,
What is to be done.
It will be so beautiful,
So final
Dying into the new life.
I can’t deny
I’ve seen the other side.
I can’t show you
You gotta arrive alone.
But what’s the use in looking
When people don’t recognise what they are?
It’s so clear
people can’t see.
It’s so sad,
Listen to me.