I Can Now See

The world doesn’t look the same as it used to.
And what was it I was thinking?
I can’t think:
everything coming and going,
my memory leaving.
May the next life
when I am young again,
be as wonderful as this one.
And as the women pass,
they turn.

I can now see
how everything came to be
in the garden at home
above a blue silvery sky
the whole of life inside me.
Up through the light
I reach the end.

You love me and I love you
love is everything
and everyone.
In the silence of space
you will know
love goes on
after we are gone.

From Somewhere

Some days would kick around
Seagulls against the sky,
would wonder if I could be saved by love

None of us know where we are going
that’s the truth of it.
The universe, I guess,
came from the heavens,
the sky from somewhere else.
And down into the street I would walk
in my white summer jacket.
Now I am old,
my face shows it,
my body is slowing down,
I know it.
I can’t go on,
and on I go,
I stand in the sun.
The children have all left home,
I’ve been married for the second time,
and the papers never quite leave you alone.

Drinks are carried
from inside to outside.
It’s a hot July afternoon.

On The Homeward Track

I’ve been up
I’ve been through
I’ve been in
Took you too.
I’ve found hope
I’ve felt pain
I’ve seen the hills
I’ve felt the shame.
I’ve come down,
Walked the line
Found the crack,
Given time.
I’ve been up
Seen the dawn,
Stayed in bed,
I’ve been torn,
I’ve been lifted,
I’ve come round,
I’ve fallen out
And not been found.

And I’ve lost my way
On the homeward track.
Lost my way
On the homeward track.

Who We Really Are

Sometimes I get away
Sometimes I go missing
Sometimes I get lost.
Sometimes I go drinking.
Pint in hand,
cigarette in the other,
fruit machine in the middle.
Sometimes I am unstable,
travelling down a bad track.
Sometimes you see yourself
and don’t know what you are looking at.
None of us know who we really are,
none of us know who we’re looking for.
We travel on, only get so far.

Sometimes I get away.
Sometimes I go missing.
Sometimes I get lost.
Sometimes I go drinking.