1/ Was wandering around, wondering what to do

Was wandering around, wondering what to do,
a corner of the sky through the window.
Man makes God up.
The wind has dropped
and there’s this thought that comes from nowhere,
I remembered I won’t be seeing her.
Suddenly I saw her,
then lost her along the pier,
down the place and up the street.
Never sober enough to remember,
I lifted my face; up came the gulls
over the surveillance camera,
below, street litter.

And over the roofs an ocean sky,
and her gone from the café,
skirt rising up, losing her feet,
beneath the swinging branches,
borrowing money, and away.

I loved her then, some of it true.
Love lasts a bit, you get pulled into it.
Her blouse was undone.
I had no opinion.
I felt free, my heart was open.
Now I am silent and separate
with everything to regret.