133/ probably won’t happen

“Who’s that, then?
What’s that, then?
Oh, has it? How’s that? She was pissed.
I went out with her last week,
to shut her up
She’s got a boyfriend, then?
So who was that?
The thing was to get her to cheer me up.
It probably won’t happen.
I wouldn’t say definitely,
the thing is, she came round again.”

In the night, a hot-dog van.
She slipped behind,
came out of her clothes,
I give her a hand.

131/ Tonight the world is magical

Under the broken skies
that blow across the lands,
a chapel beneath the waters
where children with echoing voices run.
Above the waves, gulls;
windmills turn on the seven hills.
Dreams tell us about ourselves.

Tonight the world is magical;
your thighs, my face, your hips, my hands,
your thoughts full of desire.
We fought together, back together,
back and forth forever.
The stars are climbing the skies,
the gods are present everywhere.
It’s a miracle life is here at all.

130/ love you through the winter

Along to the bus-stop,
and on to the weekend I go over.
Kitchen full of dishes,
rooms full of spilt drinks,
on the roof her lost dress.
There’ll be something to talk about
when she’s sober,
says she won’t do it again,
uses the same words as last time.

And who’s going to love you through the winter,
buy you things from the charity shop,
have you back when you’ve been unfaithful?